There aren’t a lot of artists that make us laugh as much as Posij, while consistently churning out so many bangers each year!

We couldn’t resist but to have a quick chat with him while waiting for his arrival in Paris for our next event on June 24th, with the amazing latesleeper!

In this brief discussion with the multi-genre artist, we get to see what’s going on in his life right now, from the launch of his new label to his latest releases or even his experience with Noisia & Dave Jenkins producing the Vision Radio shows weekly.


As we start chatting together, we’d like to first clarify something. A lot of people, mostly French folks, are always lost as to how we’re supposed to pronounce your name. Please help!

Posij – It’s pronounced pos-eye or pose-eye!

So, you’ve recently launched your label ‘OKAY’, how is it going so far? Have you got any releases planned or any upcoming cool projects for the imprint?

Posij – Yes, I am working on a plan to get all those 115-130 bpm things out into the world. It’s going to be very special, but I’m not ready to show the world just yet! So, in true cliffhanger fashion… More info soon!

Other than the label, of course, you’ve got your Posij project, with a recent Noisia collab and a now-famous HUSTLE ATHLETICS remix of ‘Lekker”. What can we expect from you on that side of things in the upcoming months?

Posij – I am in the process of gathering all my demos and grouping them up, to see where I could send them. But I also just want to make a lot of new drum & bass, doing DJ gigs again has fired me up to do so!

Speaking of releases, 2021 & 2022 have been filled with non-D&B tracks – for instance, there’s the excellent ‘Fifteen Minutes’, ‘Head Rush’, and the EP ‘YGT YGT YGT YGT’. Do you feel like, when producing, you run into cycles where you’ll go full beats/halftime or full techno/house/electro? For example, when do you decide you’re going to work on a techno track or drum & bass track?

Posij – It can switch by the hour… Often the sound dictates the direction of the genre, so sometimes I switch the bpm of a song to see if it sits better in that bpm.

Speaking of your discography, do you maybe have a favorite Posij track? One you’re very proud of?

Posij – I am very proud of ‘Derivative’, it’s my favorite drum & bass production. It was exactly the type of song I wanted to be able to produce at the time.

With the world opening up, artists finally get to play gigs again. There was your cool set during the last Noisia Invites, you’re also playing at the ‘Studio Drum & Bass Invites’ show we’re hosting in Paris. Do you see a difference in your creativity from the fact that you’re DJing in front of a crowd again? Is it having an influence on the type of music you’re making?

Posij – Yes definitely, during my recorded set for Noisia invites, I experimented as the opener and played a set with 100% Posij productions that were not drum & bass. Now that I have headline spots again, I will of course take the dance floor in mind and play a bass set again, I am very happy that I can do that!

Simultaneously to your label & Posij, you’re producing ‘Vision Radio’ (f.k.a. Noisia Radio). It’s one of the most followed drum & bass radio shows online. We would love to hear about your experience doing this!

Posij – For Vision Radio I do the production, so gathering all the music, mixing the show together, and recordings all the voice-overs, I do not decide what songs get played on the show, that is all up to the Noisia boys! I’ve been doing this since Noisia Radio S01E17, and It’s been a blast! It’s pretty insane that we’ve done one every week for so long… I’m very proud of that! Shout out to Dave!

To finish it off, one final question for all our producers reading this interview: do you have any tips or any plugins you discovered recently that you could share with us?

Posij – Eeeeeeeeeeehm, I do most of my work in Serum, and mostly use Fabfilter plugins for your usual manipulating, and my drums are a mix of superior drummer/addictive drums/splice samples and Serum. A recent discovery has been the Killoheartz effects, they’re very clean and fast.

Big thank you to Frank for answering our questions. He will be playing at our next event in Paris, on the 24th of June with latesleeper, P-Riot, Beyox, Theezer, Trismuss, Eusk, & Light. Find the link to the event here

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