From Minneapolis to Paris, welcoming one of bass music’s most exciting acts: Ternion Sound 

The career of the North American Trio is so dizzying that it’s hard to sum up in just a few words. From Infrasound to Outlook, and Red Rocks to Shambhala, the American bosses of deep dubstep have made crowds dance worldwide.

On the production side, after years of releasing on labels such as DUPLOC, Deep Dark & Dangerous, Deadbeats, or 1985, these sound design maestros have reached the pinnacle of their art with their ‘Digital Artifice’ album, released in 2023 on VISION.

As part of their European tour, Ternion Sound will head to Petit Bain to play at the next STUDIO Invites, featuring Annix, Billain, Subpy Yao, & Schema, for their only French date.

Enjoy this new Adrenaline episode as well as a short interview with them.

When and how was this mix recorded? 

Andrew recorded this mix at his home studio.

When is the best moment to listen to it? And, in which mood?

Our mixes often have energy in them, so I’d say listen at any time you’re doing something exciting.

Which track from the mix is your favorite? Why?

The first track is a new original, currently a fav!

‘Digital Artifice’ has been a huge project. 26 tracks and so many musical influences. Dubstep, break, jungle, hip-hop, drum & bass, ambient… there are so many things on this album. How did you build it? Was it complicated to keep it consistent and coherent throughout the whole project?

We wrote many, many tunes and then took a look at the strongest tunes on the list and finished them with the album in mind. We wanted to hit a lot of different styles, but ultimately we worked with whatever came out during our writing sessions.

How was the meeting with Noisia?

Noisia and the whole VISION team are fantastic, true artists with a good eye for design.

We noticed you are really into capturing your performances on stage and uploading them on your YouTube page. It’s quite unusual to see artists do that. Do you have a dedicated team or is it 100% homemade?

It’s homemade! We even use phone footage from fans. Andrew puts the videos together, but we also hire videographers for higher-quality raw footage.

Ternion Brooklyn 4

Is this something you want to focus more on later? Doing more videos, creating stage experiences, and even bringing some visual effects?

We very much want to try new things with both YouTube and our live performances. All of our ideas take a lot of time to get right, so it might be a while before any big changes get implemented.

You’re doing a big European tour, including one show in Paris with us on the 4th of May at Petit Bain. How is it going so far? 

This tour is looking to be one to remember. Absolutely massive shows and lineups that it seems only the EU/UK can provide!

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Anything you’d like to add?

Big ups on the support from STUDIO and everyone following the project!


  1. Ternion Sound – Let Go
  2. Adam F – Circles (BRLLNT Edit)
  3. Nasty J – Cooking Frozen feat. Atmoss
  4. Y U QT – Sprinter Dub
  5. Jodo Kast – Lost Seduction (2-Step Darkside Mix)
  6. Emz & Sam Binga – H.E.A. (Gemi Remix)
  7. RWB – Inna Dis
  8. Oldboy – Careful
  9. Neffa-T – Up With Me
  10. Bushbaby – Cutty Dub 23
  11. DE-TU – Head Top
  12. Ternion Sound – Howler
  13. Desync – Tell the Tale
  14. Strategy & Fiend – Premium Grease (Ternion Sound Remix)
  15. Takjacob – The Glitch
  16. King Kong, Burro Banton, Pinchers – Old School (Ternion Souynd Vocal Bootleg)
  17. Mizuchi – Shadows
  18. Dubamine & Hebbe – Flute Tune
  19. The Widdler – No Sleep Squidwards Revenge (Pigeon Hole Remix)
  20. 11th Hour ft. Slowie – Kryptonite
  21. Hijinx – Concentration
  22. skxllflower & blurrd vzn – real thing
  23. Simula – Bonesaw (Hamdi Remix)
  24. Ternion Sound – Portland
  25. Ternion Sound – PartyTool_001
  26. Ternion Sound – Double Down
  27. Ternion Sound – ID


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Ternion Sound