Ecstatic in the best way possible

A lot could be said about the unique talent that Saku Sahara is. From her finely-tailored versatile selections to her extremely deep comprehension of groove, the Lyon-based producer & DJ has found the perfect balance between technicality & vibes.

After playing her drum-heavy DJ sets at some of Europe’s most notorious electronic happenings – from Nuits Sonores, to Hit & Run, Hoer Berlin, & Peacock Society, to name a few -, she makes her debut on our platform with a brilliant Adrenaline guest mix.

Welcome to this new episode.


  1. Main Phase & Lille Høg – Lost Spirit
  2. Soliton – Voyager 
  3. Polo Lilli – Love Will Be There For You
  4. Nvrwerk – Now
  5. WRR9 – Unreleased 
  6. Prospa – Want Need Love (Dunman Edit)
  7. Fluid Haunts – Keep It Hardcore
  8. Samurai Breaks – Scorcher
  9. WRR8 – Unreleased 
  10. Audio Gutter ft Samurai Breaks & We Rob Rave – Die m8
  11. Origin8a & Propa, Benny Page – Shine On (Night Mix)
  12. Fabric8 – Acid Jungle
  13. Narna – Wall Of Death
  14. Hurtdeer – Yggdrasil Burns Down


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